Naturalness, environmentally friendly, unique

Our eco-friendly products grown on environmentally friendly technologies, which excludes the use of mineral fertilizers and chemical plant protection products in the cultivation of crops, harvesting, storage and processing.We use for protection only to drugs of natural origin, such as manure, bone meal and seaweed.It is believed that the organic fertilizer is much more useful for soil structure than chemical or inorganic fertilizers,and plants which grow using these fertilizers, are free of harmful chemicals.

Our carrot retains nutritional properties, quality, safety and natural taste, because we don't use in the processing synthetic flavors and preservatives.

The use of organic products indirectly helps to preserve the environment, namely, the positive effect on the re-establishment of the natural fertility of the soil, helps to maintain a "living" our planet for future generations.

The production of such useful snack established in the USA, where the annual sale of about 170 million tons peeled and packaged carrots. The peeled carrots first appeared in supermarkets in the United States in 1989 and immediately gained popularity among both children and students, as a supplement to lunch, and among the adult population - as a healthy snack in the office or on a picnic.

Some statistics:

  • In the United States sold more than 172 million tons of peeled carrots per year;
  • the volume of sales of peeled carrots more than $ 400 million per year;
  • total consumption of carrots in the United States increased by 33% due to the introduction of peeled carrots;
  • in the USA is annual consumer spending on peeled carrots exceeds $ 2.00 per capita;
  • 94% of consumers in the United States bought peeled carrots in 1999.

Look how carrots are processed in America.